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Submitted by JP on Tue, 05/03/2022 - 19:20
Fran Miholjević won the 39th edition of the Wacław Felczak Memorial Carpathian Couriers Race

Fran Miholjević (Friuli ASD) won the 39th edition of the Karpacki Wyścig Kurierów. The two final stages of the cycling competition took place on May 3 in the Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia. In the general classification, the Miholjević was 29 seconds ahead of Canadian Francis Juneau from the Premier Tech U23 team. He was also 34 seconds ahead of third place winner Alexander Hajk from the Austrian national team. The best of the Poles was Michał Sędzielewski (KS Pogoń Mostostal Puławy), who took the 14th place.

Fran Miholjević. Photo by Krzysztof Maksel

Photo by Aneta Kalamarska