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Opening of the beatification process of János Esterházy

Hungarian Cross of Merit for Kornel Morawiecki

Interview with Marek Natusiewicz, PhD

Hungarian sabres, traditional magierka caps and ... the Hussars!

A difficult beginning to a beautiful friendship

Allied with Catholicism

  ​       Despite alarming reports and high expectations of the left, young Poles are still the most religious in Europe. The impulse for rapid and mass secularisation is nowhere to be found.     It is more than obvious that some politicians, commentators and those with left-wing views in Poland eagerly await society’s secularisation. They see it as an opportunity to transform the nation…

“Love & Mercy”

Linking EU funds to rule of law and “European values”: a move against Poland and Hungary?

14 April – general Bem's birthday anniversary

The difficulties of Polish language for a Hungarian

Larger US Army presence in Poland – an interview with Sławomir Dębski

Central Europe a much better place for Jews than Western Europe

The most popular

Poland in the world top 10 list with countries that have won the most battles in the history


Hungarian sabres, traditional magierka caps and ... the Hussars!

Questions for an interview published on the website of the Wacław Felczak Institute

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