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Slovakia has become the second country to approve sending 13 fighter jets to Ukraine after Poland announced it would send four yesterday. 

Fri, 03/17/2023 - 11:02
Flagi Węgier i Unii Europejskiej

Even if the government of Viktor Orbán campaigned for Hungary to leave the European Union, two-thirds of the country's population would vote to remain in the EU, reports, publishing a poll conducted by the Median research institute.

Wed, 03/15/2023 - 23:06
ulica w czeskiej Pradze

The Czech Republic earned 92 out of 100 possible points this year in Freedom House's ranking of world's democracies. Slovakia earned 90 points, Poland 81 points and Hungary 66 points. The US earned 83 points, Russia 16 and Belarus only 8 points out of 100.

Sun, 03/12/2023 - 09:38
Viktor Orbán w studiu Kossuth Rádió

The world has never been so close to turning a local war into a world war, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Kossuth Rádió.

Fri, 03/10/2023 - 08:44

Petr Pavel, pro-Western war hero, was sworn in as Czech Republic's new president on Thursday.     Photo by Vit Simanek/PAP/CTK (JAP)

Thu, 03/09/2023 - 14:49
Waluta węgierska

The consumer price index (CPI) increased 25.4 percent year-on-year in February after a 25.7 percent rise in January, driven mostly by household energy and food prices, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Wednesday. Month on month, prices edged up by 0.8%. Fot. Csaba Nagy/Pixabay   

Wed, 03/08/2023 - 23:08

 - I believe that the ties that bind us are much stronger than the points on which we disagree at the moment, Katalin Novák said about the cooperation within the V4 Group, which includes Slovakia and Poland in addition to the Czech Republic and Hungary.  Katalin Novák and Czech Miloš Zeman. Photo by MTI/Noémi Bruzák

Fri, 03/03/2023 - 18:09
Premier Węgier przemawia na tle flag

We’re under constant pressure. They want to force us into war, and they’re using all the tools they can. So far we’ve managed to resist. This gives me hope. Hungary’s political leadership is strong enough to keep our country out of the war.

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 22:51

Some 62% of companies surveyed by recruiting site plan pay rises of 6-10% this year. Photo by Csaba Nagy / Pixabay  (JAP)

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 07:37

The Vatican announced the three-day “apostolic journey”, the pontiff’s 41st visit abroad since he was elected in 2013, will include meetings with Hungary’s heads of state and government on Friday. (JAP)

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 12:47

In the third episode of The Bold Truth About Hungary's second season, State Secretary Zoltán Kovács discussed the main elements of Hungary's "unorthodox" economic policy, widely known as the "Hungarian model," with Finance Minister Mihály Varga. Source: YouTube Cover photo by OLIVIER HOSLET/PAP/EPA

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 11:25

Richard Hörcsik, chairman of the Parliament's European Affairs Committee, proposed the renovation of the 150-year-old first railway line in Galicia next year at the international conference called Europe of the Carpathians, held in Krasiczyn, southeastern Poland, on Saturday.

Sat, 02/25/2023 - 17:38
Ogromne grono panelistów oraz grono słuchaczy na konferencji Europa Karpat

- Next year we will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the great revolutions in Eastern Europe in 1989, which in various ways led to regaining freedom and independence.

Fri, 02/24/2023 - 22:24
Rysunek ludzi na tle wykresu

Hungary’s jobless rate was 3.9% in January, up from 3.8% in the previous month, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Friday. Photo by Gerd Altmann z 

Fri, 02/24/2023 - 20:55

Today marks one year since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine started. - We Hungarians, wish that the road to a just peace may open! Let 2023 be the year of peace!

Fri, 02/24/2023 - 08:31

The average net wage including tax benefits in December 2022 was 400,300 forints, 18.7% higher than in the same period a year prior.

Thu, 02/23/2023 - 15:05