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Submitted by gkis on Mon, 07/08/2024 - 10:52
Hungarian Cultural Day at the Institute

Rubik's cubes, music, lángos, fun - it was a lively day at the Felczak Institute on 6 July. Not surprisingly, as we had organised a Hungarian Cultural Day. Many people came who are connected to Hungary in some way, but there were also some participants who were making contact with Hungarian culture for the first time.  

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube, participants took part in two workshops where they were given an insight into the history of the Cube and its inventor, Ernő Rubik. They learned about the development of Rubik's Cube into a real sport, its rules and the achievements of its Hungarian representatives.  

The coffee break was also not completely uneventful, as the delicious traditional Hungarian strudel was accompanied by a short quiz about Hungary, the winners of which were also rewarded. 

The theoretical part was of course followed by the practical: participants had the chance to watch a unique demonstration by the board members of the Polish Speedcubing Association, and then, with the guidance and help of the experts, they tried to solve it themselves - with great success. This was followed by a small competition.  

After the intellectual challenge came the refreshment! On the rooftop terrace of the Institute's building, sausages, lángos and other Hungarian delicacies awaited the participants. The Góbé Band provided the good mood and music, taking the event to real heights with Hungarian melodies and refreshing rhythms, making it unforgettable for participants of all ages.