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Submitted by JP on Thu, 08/26/2021 - 12:49
Krasiczyn 2021. Minister Judit Varga: be the guardians of values! (VIDEO)

– Fortify your faith and the idea of a diverse and strong Europe based on sovereign nations, whose building blocks are family and Christian culture. Keep the flame of the Polish-Hungarian friendship burning, be brave and believe in the power of common sense! – appealed Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga when addressing the participants of the Summer University. In the morning, a panel on the impact of the rule of law on everyday life was held at Krasiczyn Castle with the participation of Tymoteusz Zych, PhD, Rector of Collegium Intermarium.

Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga. Source: YouTube

The EU needs Poland's and Hungary's common sense

In a video message to the participants of the Summer University in Krasiczyn, the Hungarian Minister of Justice quoted a saying that has been known for centuries: "Magyar and Pole, two friends so fine". "This friendship was born on a long road of difficult historical experiences and has been transformed into a community of destiny, fraternal behaviour and cordial alliance" – noted Minister Judit Varga, emphasizing that "the close spiritual relationship between our nations is founded on mutual respect, compassion and love." – Today, all of you play a vital role in passing on a friendship that is unprecedented in the history of Europe. The Summer University and your thirst for knowledge and commitment will ensure the survival of this special relationship" – Judit Varga addressed the participants of the Polish-Hungarian School of Leaders held at Krasiczyn Castle. 

The message of Minister Judit Varga for those attending the Summer University in Krasiczyn. Photo by

Minister Judit Varga noted that the cooperation between Poland and Hungary contributes significantly to the development of Europe and European civilization. – With the present shape of the European Union, whose institutions strive to create an empire under the star-studded flag, there is a desperate need for Poland's and Hungary's common sense. The Hungarian Minister of Justice also drew attention to the series of conferences dedicated to the future of Europe, which was launched in June. These conferences represent an excellent opportunity, for the first time since we joined the European Union, to have a real impact on shaping European processes. There is now an opportunity for Poland and Hungary to each represent their own common sense, say no to deepening integration and highlight that the principle of the rule of law cannot be used as a tool for political blackmail – explained Minister Judit Varga.

Participants of the Summer University 2021. Photo by

In the morning, a panel on the impact of the rule of law on everyday life was held at Krasiczyn Castle with the participation of Tymoteusz Zych, PhD, Rector of Collegium Intermarium. Collegium Intermarium – a Free University of Central Europe – is tasked with integrating the academic community of Central European countries and educating the elites of the Intermarium countries, while striving to become the guardian of Central European values, including those Christian and conservative. The new private university – whose inauguration ceremony took place on 28 May – will offer both long-cycle studies and postgraduate courses from October 2021. The lecturers at the Collegium Intermarium include the rector of the Matthias Corvinus University in Budapest, the conservative Hungarian philosopher and professor András Lánczi, French legal theorist Grégor Puppinck, Croatian thinker and parliamentarian Stephen Bartulica, and judges from the Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Poland. The recruitment is ongoing (LINK)


Tymoteusz Zych, PhD, Rector of Collegium Intermarium. Photo by

(JAP, Magdalena Fowler)