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Granica strzeżona przez węgierskich strażników

In an official letter addressed to the European Commissioner for Budget and Administration, Johannes Hahn, on Thursday, Hungarian Finance Minister Mihály Varga reminded that although there has long been consensus that defending the borders of the European Union is a collective responsibility of member states, Hungary almost exclusively bears the financial burden of protecting its southern Schengen border.

Thu, 12/14/2023 - 19:40

European Union unlocked €10.2 billion ($11 billion) of funding for Hungary on Wednesday, December 13. The move on the eve of a key European summit could also have implications for Ukraine.

Wed, 12/13/2023 - 20:05

Polish new Prime Minister Donald Tusk has said that under his government Poland will reclaim its leading position in the EU and a strong position in the NATO by respecting the larger community. "Poland is and will remain a key, strong, sovereign element of the North Atlantic Alliance. It will be a loyal, stable, confident in its principles, strength, and significance ally of the United States. Poland will regain the position of a leader in the European Union.

Tue, 12/12/2023 - 16:59

"The European Parliament lifted the immunity of four PiS MEP's for speaking out against illegal migration. This is the beginning of the end...

Sat, 11/11/2023 - 21:13

Poland’s president Andrzej Duda has tapped the outgoing prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki of the Law and Justice party, to try to form the country’s next government.

Mon, 11/06/2023 - 21:50

The Hungarian government announced today CSOK PLUS initiative which aims to offer financial support to families based on the number of children they have. Minister of Culture and Innovation János Csák emphasized at a press conference that Hungary aims to become the most family-friendly country in Europe.

Wed, 10/25/2023 - 22:21

"EU elites want to strip Poland and other member countries of their sovereignty," warned European Parliament member and PiS politician Jacek Saryusz-Wolski in a morning broadcast on Radio WNET, cautioning against plans to change treaties and transform Europe from a union of sovereign nations into a superstate managed without regard to the will of the voters.

Fri, 10/13/2023 - 15:16
Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó

"We are very much rooting for our Polish brothers and sisters. And we wholeheartedly support the ruling party in pulling off yet an other election victory, because politics is an experience-based business. Standing on the grounds of mutual respect we have, together with the current Polish government, been able to effectively rethink and realize further development of expanding cooperation between Hungary and Poland in recent years.

Wed, 10/04/2023 - 10:22

Robert Fico's SMER-SSD party has won Slovakia's election, and may lead the government for the fourth time. Progressive Slovakia ended up in the runner-up spot, followed up by Voice-SD.

Sun, 10/01/2023 - 07:11

Over 185,000 migrants arrived in the EU this year via the Mediterranean Sea. On Thursday, experts from various countries discussed the threats associated with the migration crisis. An ethnically and religiously diverse society can exist, but a multicultural society cannot," said Ralph Schoellhammer from Webster University in Vienna during the first panel of the international conference in Budapest titled "Decade of Movements. CHALLENGES AND STAKES OF IRREGULAR MASS MIGRATION IN EUROPE." Prof.…

Thu, 09/28/2023 - 08:46

Speech by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the 32nd Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp, 22 July 2023, Tusnádfürdő [Băile Tuşnad]

Sat, 07/22/2023 - 20:31