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Submitted by JP on Mon, 02/26/2024 - 11:26
The leaders of the "Carpathian Dragons": There are many initiatives in Hungary where civilians are uniting to support Ukraine
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Transcarpathian Dragon Suppliers is a transparent and apolitical group based on mutual help and support. Its original purpose was to support soldiers of Hungarian origin and their comrades fighting in the 68th Volunteer Territorial Defense Battalion of the Ukrainian Army "Carpathian Dragons", which gained fame thanks to Sándor Fegyir, the "professor from the trenches".We talked to the leaders of the organization, Balázs Trautmann and Mihály Oláh.

Photo by Subcarpathian Dragon Supply

With the help of Carpathian Dragons, ponad 40 military units in Ukraine received 76 drones, 29 thermal imaging cameras, 15 laser rangefinders, 3 special metal detectors, radios, goggles, generators, special equipment for charging/battery, winter clothing, special trekking shoes and a wide range of other equipment. 

Dragon suppliers also support civilian projects: the first project called "paper dragon" was implemented under the professional management of the Transcarpathian Association of Hungarian Librarians in Berehovo, and in February 2024, over 500 were delivered to Transcarpathian Hungarian libraries Hungarian-language books for children and teenagers. Since the first week of November 2022, HUF 192 million (EUR 494,000) has been collected, many monetary and material donations.

Donations can be made via a bank account opened in Balázs Trautmann's name (HU97 1040 4065 7157 4849 5448 1003, SWIFT/BIC code: OKHBHUHB) or via Revolut (@balzsg8y1, Balázs Trautmann, LT95 3250 0746 3928 6953 ).