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Submitted by redakcja2 on Fri, 04/23/2021 - 14:50
Szerezzük vissza Schuman Európáját!

We cordially invite you to the first event of the online conference series "Schuman's Debates on Renewing the European Union", which will be held this Saturday in cooperation with our institute. The purpose of the panel discussions is to start a constructive dialogue on the renewal of Europe in the light of robert schuman's memory, spirit and enduring guidelines.

„My idea is not to merge States to create a Super State. Our European States are a historical reality. From a psychological point of view, it would be impossible to do away with them. Their diversity is a good thing and we do not intend to level them down or equalize them” – Robert Schuman


The event will take place live on Youtube, in English: you can follow the performances on this link, and later the whole event will be uploaded in full:




It can also be seen from the above quote that European thinking has changed a lot, and one of the milestones of this process was the Treaty of Lisbon. This week's event, which takes place between 4pm and 8pm on 24 April, is therefore, unsurprisingly, a discussion of the past 12 years and the future of the Treaty of Lisbon. What adjustments are needed? Does the EU need broader unification, keeping status quo, adjust to reflect Schuman’s model and/or changed by partly utilizing Danish model? On the conference,13 well-known speakers of different nationalities and occupations will express their thoughts in short blocks.


Speakers include Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak, the show's organizer and professor at the University of Economic in Warsaw, Mr. Francisco Javier Sanabria, Spain's ambassador to Poland, Rodrigo Ballester, head of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium Center for European Studies, and many other distinguished experts.