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Submitted by JP on Wed, 01/31/2024 - 21:57
Czech training teams in Poland trained a thousand Ukrainians last year
Wojna w Ukrainie

In 2023, specialized mobile teams of Czech engineers, chemists, medics, and snipers trained nearly a thousand Ukrainian soldiers in Poland. The EU-led mission will continue this year as well. According to the commander of the first rotation, Captain Pavel Kinc,  the joint preparation is also beneficial for the Czech soldiers. He remarked, "Drawing from our firsthand experiences on the battlefield, we can refine our operational procedures, devise enduring solutions, focus on preventing future conflicts, and enhance collaboration with our fellow partners."

Military training of Ukrainian soldiers. Photo by Stanislav Helona/PAP/CTK

The Czech Republic sent a second rotation of instructors to Poland in January, the army announced this in a press release on Wednesday.