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Submitted by JP on Wed, 01/17/2024 - 14:53
The EU ranks Europe’s most livable cities, with Gdańsk in Poland being the fourth-best place to live

According to a report by the European Commission, Gdańsk has secured the fourth position among the best cities to reside in Europe. The residents of Prague, Białystok, Warsaw, and Krakow are also satisfied with the city they live in. According to the report, Hungarian cities such as Budapest and Miskolc performed significantly below the European average.

Gdańsk is loved by residents and tourists alike for its stunning architecture, rich history, and abundant green spaces. Photo by Jerzy Ochoński/PAP

The 112-page document presents findings from a survey carried out between January and April 2023, involving 71,153 participants residing in 83 cities spanning the EU, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) nations, the United Kingdom, the Western Balkans, and Turkey.

In the thrilling race for resident satisfaction, Zürich, Switzerland stands tall at an impressive 97 percent, claiming the coveted first place. In the primary ranking measuring the satisfaction of residents, the top spots were claimed also by charming cities of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Groningen, Netherlands, both basking in the glory of a remarkable 96 percent satisfaction rate.

Gdańsk, the Baltic beauty of Poland, has seized a thrilling joint fourth place with an exhilarating 95 percent satisfaction rate. In a dazzling tie with the likes of Leipzig, Germany; the stylish streets of Stockholm, Sweden; and the sophisticated Geneva, Switzerland. The study found Gdansk, Groningen and Braga were also among the best European cities for immigrants. 

Despite generally high levels of contentment, with 90% expressing satisfaction with their urban living experience, the European Commission report reveals that residents in southern European member states and the western Balkans express lower satisfaction with the cleanliness of their cities compared to those residing in more northern cities. Inhabitants of Palermo (score: 62%) and Athens (65%) indicate significantly lower levels of contentment. At the bottom of the rankings for resident satisfaction were also Istanbul, Turkey, Tirana, Albania, Naples, Italy, Belgrade, Serbia, Rome, Italy, Skopje, North Macedonia, Miskolc, Hungary and Podgorica, Montenegro.