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Submitted by JP on Sat, 01/20/2024 - 19:00
Robert Fico: Ukraine is not an independent and sovereign country. Slovak PM wants to tell the Ukrainian prime minister that Ukraine does not belong to NATO
Wojna w Ukrainie

Slovakia rejects the admission of Ukraine to NATO and is prepared to veto the country's accession if necessary, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico told public radio station RTVS on Saturday. He also announced his meeting on Wednesday with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, during which he will convey Slovakia's negative position regarding Ukraine's NATO membership. The daily newspaper 'Ukrainska Pravda' commented on the statements as 'scandalous'.

    Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico. Photo by Szilard Koszticsak/MTI/PAP/EPA

Robert Fico said he was set to travel to Ukraine on Wednesday to meet his counterpart Denys Shmyhal for talks in the border city of Uzhhorod. "When it comes to joining the EU, we respect their aspirations; however, it is crucial that they meet the necessary conditions. It is not acceptable for a country that fails to meet these requirements to join the union on political grounds. Regarding Ukraine's NATO membership, I want to express my opposition. I will exercise my veto power to block Ukrainian accession to NATO, as I believe it could potentially serve as a catalyst for a third world war," Slovak PM declared. 

The Slovak politician, criticized by his opponents as "populist" and "pro-Russian", reiterated that Slovakia would cease direct supply of weapons from its military reserves to the neighboring country. However, he affirmed that Slovakian defense companies would still be permitted to engage in arms sales. "Let whoever wants to make money from weapons, whatever they want. If Slovak companies don't make money, American ones will," Fico concluded.

A list of humanitarian aid

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico declared that next week he will hand over to his Ukrainian counterpart Denys Shmyhal a list of humanitarian aid that Slovakia is willing to provide to Ukrainians.

Slovakia's PM described the Russian attack on Ukraine as a violation of international law, because you cannot simply use military force without the mandate of the UN Security Council, but at the same time he called for finding a way "to end the war, and not to deepen it". Robert Fico was convinced that it is necessary to convey to Ukraine that it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and that it has been "under the total control and influence of the United States" since 2014. "Ukraine is not a sovereign, independent country, Ukraine is under the absolute influence of the United States of America - and in this the EU is making a huge mistake, not wanting to keep a sovereign view of Ukraine and only agreeing to what the US says," he noted. 

The Slovak Prime Minister emphasized the necessity for the war to conclude through a compromise that would be "very painful for both sides. "What are (Ukrainians) waiting for? That the Russians will leave Donbass and Luhansk, or that they will leave Crimea? It's unrealistic," he declared. In his view, the conflict cannot be resolved militarily, and its prolongation will only serve to bolster Russia's position.

As the Slovak PM continued, the Ukrainian side does not even want a press conference after the meeting. However, Robert Fico announced that he would provide a statement. "I even think it would be right that we agree that each party will make a statement. We should exchange those statements before we publish them. I know what I'm going with. I'm going with humanitarian aid," added the Slovakia's Prime Minister.

Šimečka: "I am ashamed of such PM"

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The daily newspaper 'Ukrainska Pravda' commented on the statements as 'scandalous'. "I am ashamed of such a prime minister," said the leader of the Slovak opposition, Michal Šimečka. People, just like us but beyond our borders, have been enduring incredible suffering for two years – murder, rape, and the burning of entire cities. All because they desired to live in the European Union as a sovereign country," as quoted by Michal Šimečka on the DenníkN website.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bratislava declared that Slovakia was also interested in participating in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, especially to help with demining.