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Submitted by JP on Mon, 12/04/2023 - 20:48
Polish language training at National University of Public Service (NKE) in Budapest!

On Monday, December 4th, representatives of the Felczak Institute and the National University of Public Service (Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem or NKE) - Director Maciej Szymanowski and Rector Deli Gergely - signed a formal agreement. As part of this agreement, the Institute for Polish-Hungarian Cooperation is organizing and funding a Polish language course for students of the Hungarian university in the current academic year.

Photo by AB

Representatives of the Hungarian university emphasized in a communication published today on their website that the organization of the language course will be the next stage of successful cooperation between NKE and the Felczak Institute, following the jointly organized Visegrad Summer Academy in August. As part of the Summer Academy in Budapest, a series of lectures and meetings were held for young people from the Visegrad Group countries. Approximately 150 participants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary attended the event. The participants were greeted remotely by the President of Hungary. In her speech at that time, Katalin Novák expressed hope that "common historical ties will allow us to endure difficult times". The Hungarian president also noted that the significant involvement of young leaders in the Visegrad Summer Academy ensures the future development of robust relationships within the Visegrad Group.

As noted by Agnieszka Barátka, the deputy director of the Felczak Institute, approximately 45 students have already enrolled in the Polish language course at Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem (NKE).