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Submitted by JP on Wed, 07/26/2023 - 21:46
Hundreds of fish died in the Odra river on the Czech-Polish border. Probably due to lack of oxygen

Fish are dying in the Odra River on the Czech side, Polish Minister of the Environment Anna Moskwa announced on Wednesday. The Czech Environmental Inspection and the State Enterprise Povodí Odry, which released water from the Šance dam and partially also from the Morávka reservoir to dilute the water in the river, began to look into the death.

Firefighters install a floating barrier in the Odra River, 26 July 2023, Bohumin, Karvina region. ccording to the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, the death of fish could have been caused by a lack of oxygen in the river. Photo by Jaroslav Ozana/PAP/CTK