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Submitted by JP on Tue, 06/04/2024 - 20:57
Polish PM Donald Tusk Warns of Dark Clouds Gathering Over Poland and Europe

"Dark clouds are gathering over Poland, this region, and the whole of Europe," Polish Prime Minister warned at Castle Square in Warsaw on Monday. Donald Tusk stressed that EU vote was crucial for keeping war outside the bloc.

Polish PM Donald Tusk. Fot. Christoph Soeder/PAP/DPA

According to the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, there is currently a fight over who will rule in Europe. As he said, "it is also a fight to prevent war from entering our borders." He argued that the only way to "avoid the drama of war on our lands" is a strong and united Poland and Europe. The head of the Civic Coalition urged his followers to come to the European Parliament elections. "Believe me, for those in the Kremlin, the political conquest of Brussels would be more important than the conquest of (Ukraine's) Kharkiv," Tusk said.

- Just as we were then ending the Soviet occupation in Poland and Central Europe, now we are focused on making Poland and Europe strong, Poland and Europe united. This is the only way to avoid the drama of war here on our lands, the Polish PM said the head of government on the anniversary of the elections on June 4, 1989.

He recalled that in 1989 it was about the elimination of the Soviet system in Poland. "We are here today to make sure he doesn't come back here," Tusk said in the square near the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

European Union citizens will vote June 6-9 to choose the 720 members of the next European Parliament. In Poland, the European Parliament elections will be held on Sunday, June 9.