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Submitted by Marcin Bąk on Thu, 06/06/2019 - 11:36
Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak: To date, Germans have ignored the Three Seas Initiative, and now they wish to become a partner

6 June 2019

Prof. Zbigniew Krysiak on the Three Seas Business Forum, which is currently taking place in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

The summit is attended by the leaders of 12 states making up the Three Seas Initiative. Poland is represented by President Andrzej Duda:

This summit is poorly publicised, and I am a little surprised by the low level of media activity from the Three Seas region. This may be due to other events currently taking place, such as Donald Trump’s visit to Great Britain.

Professor Zbigniew Krysiak also highlighted that in the future, meetings of this type, as well as the entire Three Seas Initiative, should be much more publicised in the media. This could be done by creating an appropriate shared media platform:

A powerful shared media platform should be launched, one which would find adequate funding. Such a platform could operate, for instance, as a television channel or a regular programme to be broadcast not only within the Three Seas region, but beyond, in order to communicate a message reflecting the development of this project.

The guest of the morning show at Radio WNET also mentioned Germany becoming a potential partner within that project. He stressed that in recent years German politicians have underestimated the Three Seas Initiative:

I believe that Germany should be allowed to join the initiative only as a partner, not a member. I emphasise – only as a partner. Germany might try to distort the concept is a sense, the very purpose of the Three Seas, by focusing on their own interests. Nevertheless, the positive aspect of this development is that Germany’s interest shows that it treats the project with due seriousness and no longer ignores it, as was the case in previous years.



Source: Radio WNET