Krasiczyn, day one (photo report)

Here are some photographs from 22 November – day one of the Polish-Hungarian School of Leaders held at Krasiczyn Castle.

Krasiczyn Castle in a winter setting

Participants were provided with individual ID badges and materials  

Dariusz Kula’s photography exhibition entitled “The Parliaments of Friendship” 

Participants inside the Renaissance castle hall

Screening of a film about Wacław Felczak

Beata Netz, author of the film, tells how the Professor's film biography was created (more...)

Wojciech Frazik, PhD, author of the Professor's biography, discusses his recollections (more...). 

Director of the Institute, Maciej Szymanowski, officially opens the Polish-Hungarian School of Leaders. 

Day one of the School of Leaders ended with a mini-concert of the PPK Catholic University choir.  

Programme of the School can be found here...